The Whiskey

For once, I’m not directly talking about alcohol.  The Whiskey Off-Road is a mountain bike ride that is taking place today in Prescott, AZ.  Ryan and his younger brother Casey are currently riding 50 miles in the cold rain (which turned to snow while writing this)  and gusty

Road Trip!

Road Trip!

wind.  I am here in the hotel room without kids, without a schedule, but with lots of time.  The race will take about 7 hours.  I need to get organized quickly so that I can make good use of my time.

I’ll go to the gym.

I’ll take a shower.

I’ll tweeze my eyebrows.

I’ll put on my rain gear and head out into Prescott, AZ.

Thank goodness I have in-laws who are willing to take the boys on for the weekend.  With a day with no real schedule, I feel a sense of panic because there are so many things I think about doing that I have a hard time picking a starting place.

We left yesterday and drove to Flagstaff, AZ to pick up Ryan’s brother Casey.  He flew to AZ to visit a friend a few days ahead of time.  We picked him up and then went for a quick ride before descending upon the beautiful city of Prescott to

A Thorn Between Two Roses

A Thorn Between Two Roses

carb load.

We headed up to the courthouse square where registration was and picked up the SWAG packets and headed to dinner.  Though I had absolutely no reason to carb load, I did enjoy a great Italian meal with the boys. We got back to the hotel and they geeked out getting ready for their ride.  We knew it would be cold, but today as I look out of the hotel window, it is snowing and miserable.

I can only hope Ryan and Casey are warm enough to keep going.  There is beer, bacon and whiskey at the end of it all.

I plan on having a leisurely morning.  I will have some whiskey to celebrate their accomplishment.  I might need to get some better cold weather gear though.

Smiling Riders

A PERFECT setting and weather for riding!

A PERFECT setting and weather for riding!


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