I Want a “Mom Cave”

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Beautiful containers to hold writing utensils that will create witty phrases to friends

There is a new trend in home design: the Mom Cave: a space dedicated to the activities or focus of a particular mom.  I read an article in the “Desert Leaf, The Catalina Foothills Magazine” by Mary G. Pepitone, that showcased the new trend.  That got me thinking, I want a “Mom Cave”!

What would my cave look like?  According to the article the cave can range from a closet or corner (uh, I think I should have more than a corner!!!) to an extra bedroom or part of your master bedroom.  When I mentioned this to Ryan (my husband who tends to indulge me) he said: “Well, are you going to have a wine fridge in there?”  Well, yes I will.  Put that on the list!  Check out my Pinterest board titled “Mom Cave”.

Style wise, I think I will go with a DWR (Design Within Reach) style with classic and traditional touches.  I will need accordian sliding glass doors that open up to a garden portal, which includes a water feature.

I will need a desk, that sits on a beautiful Persian rug, for doing paperwork and writing thank you notes on beautiful personalized stationary.  I like the mirrored desks.  That way, I can look down and check my lipstick before my friends arrive for an intellectual discussion on international politics.  Or, when they come over for cocktails at noon on a friday.

I will need a love seat and two comfy armchairs with ottomans in which to sink with glass of wine by the working

A lovely example of a mom cave with a feminine color palette. I don't know if we could be friends, she probably doesn't drop the "f bomb."

A lovely example of a mom cave with a feminine color palette. I don’t know if we could be friends, she probably doesn’t drop the “f bomb.”

fireplace (never mind that it is 102 here in Tucson).  Extra seating will be brought in on command.  Things could get weird.

I would like a wet bar complete with a wine fridge and beautiful Waterford stemware and an endless supply of booze.  Some of the selections would include: Sauvginon Blanc, La Crema Pinot Noir, Woodford Reserve Bourbon, St. Germain liquer, Gumballhead beer, Vodka, club soda, and Veuve Cliquot Champagne.  I will also need a tea kettle and french press coffee pot.

I love music, so a powerful music system wired in will suffice.  Anyone who knows me will understand that my need for music rivals my need for air.  It’s not that I don’t like silence, I love silence, especially now that I am a mom.

Now, because this is a full on fantasy piece, I will also need a 10×15′ dressing lounge.  This will include a beautiful custom closet complete with select shoes, bags, clothing and jewelry for all of those lovely red carpet appearances I make.  I will have a beauty salon set up so that I am perfectly coiffed and made up (but not too made up).

In reality, I probably will never have this space but if I did it would need a security system that rivals the inner rings of the Pentagon.  Because let’s face it, I haven’t gone to the bathroom by myself since 2007.  It all started with Sara Belle, our dog, following me into the bathroom.  It seemed harmless at the time but now, I don’t go anywhere alone.  I’m a people person but this is getting ridiculous.  Sometimes, the dog AND both boys follow me into our bathroom.  “Mommy, what’s that white string?”




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  1. I totally love this idea and you definitely deserve it! I will be following this pintrest board for some inspiration of my own… In line at Michael’s the other day I found a book with huge photos of work spaces created by extraordinary women. Check it out…


  2. Love this idea, Q! Great post! My wheels are spinning for my own cave. XO

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