The World is Made for Families of Four

DISCLAIMER: I feel everyone should have the number of kids they feel they can handle and afford.

With that said, I don’t want anymore kids and I wish people would stop looking at my two boys and asking: “Don’t you want to try for a girl?”


Children aren’t boats, or shoes, or paintings.  They take care, maintenance, money, time, and emotional support.  I can barely handle the two that I have.  Why on earth would I want to add to that?  Why would I want to start over…AGAIN?

“Oh, once you get past two, its not that big of a deal.”  This is a human being we’re talking about right?  So, if I were to add to the mayhem, I would be again telling Chase that we can’t go to place A because “the baby” has to take a nap at 9 am.  And I would have to tell Andrew that he needs to be quiet because “the baby” is napping.

Besides, the world is made for families of four.  My brother wisely said that when I was pregnant with Chase.  He’s right.  If we had another one, here’s the list of things we’d have to add to our lives:

Larger house, with another bedroom

I'm not sure what Andrew is trying to do here.

I’m not sure what Andrew is trying to do here.

Larger car, with room for another child

Another carseat

Another college fund

The list goes on and on.

The fifth wheel would be left out on:

roller coasters

doubles tennis

high speed quad chair lifts

readily available 4 top tables at restaurants

The fifth wheel would have to sleep on a roll-away if there were no other rooms available at hotel.  That’s no life!

I also feel like we’ve been so lucky so far with healthy happy kiddos that I wouldn’t want to take a chance with something going wrong.  My advanced maternal age puts me into the high risk category.  I think our family is doing fine.  I’m ready to move out of the baby stages and ride roller coasters, take surfing lessons, go to movies at the theatre and not worry so much about schedules, nap times and diapers.

I come from a large blended family.  I love the chaos and mayhem that ensue when we all get together.  But, I also love our little family unit.  I like the fact that Ryan and I can each take a child and divide and conquer to get things done.  I have thoroughly enjoyed each stage so far and I look forward to seeing how these lads develop.


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  1. Thank you for writing this post! I have been thinking a lot about the 2 vs 3 thing and I keep coming up with all the same reasons you’ve mentioned! I was the one stuck on the roll away bed and I always felt like my two sisters each had a parent and I was the odd man out.

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