Will My Sons Be Statistics?

We all worry.  We all want our kids to be healthy and happy.  We want to give our kids everything they need (and want).  We want to be good parents.

Photo from Esquire.com from the article: "The Drugging of the American Boy."

Photo from Esquire.com from the article: “The Drugging of the American Boy.”

I read an article in Esquire a couple of months ago and it has been on my mind ever since.  The title of the article is: The Drugging of the American Boy.  The following line terrified me:

If you have a son, you have a one-in-seven chance that he has been diagnosed with ADHD

The article has weighed heavily on my mind because I have two boys.  I feel like I am hyper-aware of signs of autism, ADHD, and neurological and psychological anomalies that can occur.  The fact that Dr. Howard Glasser is right here in Tuson, AZ makes me feel so much better for some reason.  I guess if signs start appearing that either Chase or Andrew need some tools to use to navigate through their day, Dr. Glasser is right here.  However, the Nurtured Heart Approach can be learned and used from wherever you are.  There are many licensed therapists and social workers across the country who use this approach.

As a kid, I remember a family at church who had a daughter (11) and a boy (8).  The boy was wheelchair-bound, could not speak or see.  I remember thinking how hard it would be to take care of the boy.  I also felt sorry for the big sister.  So much of the family life was focused on the needs of the boy.  I wonder how she felt.  Did she get time with her parents?  Was she resentful of all of the attention placed on her brother?  I don’t know what happened to that family but I think about how difficult it must be to have a child with special needs.

How do we navigate the world when our kids are in serious need of help?  What do you do when your child’s sickness or condition is disruptive to the rest of the family?  How do you balance it?  How do you attend to your spouse and the needs of your other child or children?  It is hard enough to balance everything when there aren’t major problems.  What do you do when you face difficult challenges?


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