Feeling Like a 16 Year Old, and Not in a Good Way

As a teen, I did not struggle too much with acne.  Of course I had a breakout here and there but it

Neem Clay Mask

Neem Clay Mask

was never a huge problem.  At that point in time my occasional breakout was treated with Clinique’s “toner” also known as rubbing alcohol and neosporin.  Back then a blemish would heal within a matter of days.  As I have gotten older however, the occasional breakout feels like it lasts forever.

Insert: Just Neem mask.  I know I have posted it before, but I thought I would sing the praises of this amazing product!  I use it once a week and I love what it does for my skin!  So when I noticed an angry red spot forming on my chin, I immediately started putting a little bit of the mask on the area.  It was amazing how quickly the redness went down and brought the dreaded whitehead to the surface.  When I was ready for the big moment of extraction, I tried to be as gentle as possible.  Then I immediately applied a small amount of the mask to the area.  In a matter of two days of using it twice a day the swelling had gone down and the zit was eliminated.

I know, I know, 1st world problem.


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