Meet Blotchy McYoga Pants

Blotchy McYoga Pants is the Quin that I’m not always proud of, don’t let out of the house very often, and who Ryan tries to avoid.  She can be funny, crass, and sometimes a little bitter.  Blotchy McYoga Pants comes around when I’m sick, tired, or otherwise compromised.  Her appearances are few and far between but really, she is the diplomatic way to say I am feeling bitchy.

Blotchy McYoga Pants doesn’t want to put makeup on in the morning, take a shower, make lunches for her kids or clean up the dog vomit.  She wants to sit on the couch (in her yoga pants) watch “Fixer Upper”, Botched, and anything on BRAVO while wearing Louboutins.  Blotchy McYoga Pants want someone to come over to put away the clothes, make the beds and floss her teeth.

But then, Quin comes back.

I then realize that even though there are frustrations in my life, I have a great husband, healthy kids, and a sweet old doggie who just wants to cuddle every once in awhile.


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