Waiting, Purging and Moving

The holidays have come and gone and the new year is well underway.  As usual, there is a lot going on in theIMG_0024 Frieder household.  After taking the LSAT….TWICE…Yes, TWICE, I finished my application and secured a local friend and attorney to write an additional letter of recommendation and place a call to the admissions office.  So, now I’m waiting….waiting…to see if I’m in or not.  If I didn’t have other things to do in the meantime I think I would drink too much but that isn’t possible because I gave up sugar and alcohol for the month of January (not sure why yet).

Ryan did a mountain bike race over the weekend so I took the opportunity to start packing the house because WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!  We close on the 22nd and I want to be ready to MOVE!!!  In order to start packing, I needed to do some long delayed purging.  It is the usual clothing, toys, random missing pieces to who knows what?, and it IMG_0026feels great!  There are things that I have held onto for no other reason but, I just like x,y,or z.  Though I have gone through boxes of things and repacked them, I may have to have another go at them because I have an unnatural attachment to things like all of the Dave Matthews Band calendars since 1998.  Do I need those? No.  Do I need every Rolling Stone magazine that has an article (since 1995) about DMB? No. Do they do anything for me except take up space? No.  Will Dave and the guys be upset if I don’t keep them?  No. So, why do I keep them?  They sit in a trunk in a closet.  But why can’t I let them go? By the way, if someone can give me a good reason to let them go, I will.  Please leave a comment below.

Hopefully, this house will be our forever home for the next 10 years.  Chase has lived in 6 houses since he was IMG_0025born…6 years ago.  I’d like to be able to stay put in this town and really drop some roots.  I’ve been game for the journey for many years but I’d like to start developing some local relationships and friendships that will be long-term.  Andrew is only 3 and this will be his 4th house.  Oy vey.  Though home is where your loved ones are, I’d like that to be in the same house for awhile.


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  1. Fingers crossed for you Quin!! Can’t wait to hear about the new house too! If it’s anything like the house in Santa Fe, then it’s going to be a spectacular forever home!

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