Down, But Not Out

I don’t like to fail.

But, who does?

I didn’t get into law school for the Fall Term.  I hate admitting it but there it is.

Before you start saying: “Oh, Quin, I’m

It arrived in a thin envelope...

It arrived in a thin envelope…

so sorry!  They don’t know what they’re missing!”  I kind of expected a rejection letter.  My LSAT score was no where near the median score they accept.  Even though all of my other credentials are stellar, I cannot delude myself into thinking that I am so exceptional that the admissions committee would completely overlook an LSAT score that was well below their standards.

So, after a couple of days of self deprecation, I signed up for a different test prep course and will try again in September.  I have immense self doubt, but I hope that with additional focus and preparation it will pass.  I also saw a quotation that sums up my feelings right now:

“It is the curse of the competent not to be called upon.”

Robert Priest (Poet-Songwriter)

I know that I will be a great law student and one day a great lawyer.  Though I have never excelled at standardized tests, I cannot give up now.  The skills that are tested can be learned and perfected and that is what intend to do.

I’m beyond the sadness of rejection and will commit myself to excellence, for this is my path.   A long term goal is simply that.  I am prepared to work hard to achieve my goal.  Thank goodness I have the confidence of my wonderful husband.  He believes in me and was completely positive about my decision to try again!


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