It’s a Sign!


You’ve seen this image on products that you use. How far past the date have you been using your products?

It’s a sign that you should throw out that eyeshadow palette that you paid way too much for but thought, of course “I’ll use that color combination but haven’t worn it in two years.”

You see, beauty products have a shelf life.  I admit, I have a product or two that I have not let go of even though the use by symbol time period has long since passed.

Here is what I found in my own collection, some of which needs to be thrown away.









Product                                                                    Life                                  How Long Since I Opened It

La Prairie Creme Blush                                              12 months                          24 months

Well People Altruist Foundation Powder              24 months                           2 months

Natura Bisse The Cure                                               12 months                           8 months

Trish McEvoy Mascara                                              12 months                           3 months

NARS Dead of Summer Eyeshadow Pallette        36 months                            6 months

Chanel Eyeliner Waterproof in Cassis                   18 months                             12 months

YSL Rouge Pur Couture lipstick                               24 months                           12 months

And, how often do you wash your brushes?  Everything I’ve read says to do it as often as once a week.  I don’t do that…I wash them MAYBE every six months.  Yikes!  With products that I put anywhere near my eyes, I have made a vow to follow the instructions.  I am still reluctant to toss out the La Prairie Creme Blush…it was expensive!  I don’t want to break out though…

Here are some links to information on the shelf life of cosmetics and brush maintenance:


Cosmetics Shelf Life FAQ

Makeup Brush Maintenance

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