Captain and Poopsie: Take the Passport to Dry Creek Festival By Storm!


Getting their wine passports are Captain, Abe and Tracy Elsenraat of Columbia. MO; also dear friends of ours

Rewind to February 1st…Captain and Poopsie were getting ready to enjoy a day of skiing in none other than Ketchum, ID.  It was Poopsie’s first snow adventure in a long time…Poopsie could barely contain herself…

Then, the texts started.  “At 9am Pacific, the site will open and we can purchase tickets for the “Passport to Dry Creek” Festival. Let’s all order tickets at the same time before it sells out!”


Brad and Tara Hochstetler of Traverse City, MI and our dear friends!

That is unless the site crashes.  Thank goodness our friend Tracy volunteered to buy all of the tickets and we could pay her.  Phew!  Captain and Poopsie have skiing to do!

Hotels are researched, dinner reservations are made and outfits are coordinated…looking good in Napa and Sonoma Valleys was an important aspect to Poopsie.


The Barrel Room at Pedroncelli

Our focus: Passport to Dry Creek was the perfect opportunity to learn about wine, eat delicious food and ride around all day on a party bus with the coolest driver ever!  We wound around and up and down the beautiful roads between Napa and Sonoma Valleys and made it to our first winery: Pedroncelli.  It was the best introduction to the day!  The owner greeted us and talked about the house that his father was born in, he grew up in and that now serves as offices for the winery operations.  The Sauvignon Blanc was Poopsie’s second favorite of the day and the food was delicious.  We could have stayed all day!  If we had, they probably wouldn’t have been so nice to us.  There were over 40 more wineries to visit!


Trattore Winery

See how beautiful Poopsie is?  Isn’t Captain a hunk?  Oh, and the beautiful grounds of Trattore winery are too shabby either.  Each winery stamps your “passport” so you can keep track of where you go.  The “Red Tractor” Rhone Blend at Trattorie was one of our favorites.  It is highly recommend by all members of our party.  Plus, they make amazing olive oils too.  The story is, when the owners bought the land, they found olive trees on it and so resurrected them and now have successful harvests to make tasty olive oils and olive wood cutting boards too.  It was a beautiful tasting room and friendly atmosphere.


No, Poopsie didn’t drink the WHOLE bottle, but she could have!

Poopsie can’t help but to love an Indiana connection, so when she saw that “Kokomo” was on the tour, she made it a point to check it out and buy a mixed case.  Captain and Poopsie have some friends who love wine just as much as we do and told us about Kokomo last winter.  The owner, is from non-other than Kokomo, IN, and went to Purdue and Poopsie will forgive him for that because she’s all about Big Ten love.  The food was amazing and provided Poopsie’s FAVORITE Sauvignon Blanc of the day.  Oh, and the band playing at Kokomo played a beautiful version of Purple Rain as a tribute to Prince, who had recently passed away.


Salmon and arugula dish paired with a Blanc de Blanc sparkling wine. Delish!

As we moved through the two-day festival, the food was eaten and discussed, the wines were tasted and analyzed.  We all became well versed in the terminology and our own personal preferences.  Though many pictures and notes were taken, it doesn’t do it justice.  The Blanc de Blanc at Fritz Winery was divine.  In addition, the grounds on which the winery was situated were beautiful!  Fritz is built into the side of a hill.  We entered through a cave!


Tracy and Martha at Ferrari-Carano

By the end of the two days, we had reconnected, caught up and bonded over a beautiful combination of food and wine.  Inside jokes were created and shared and our friendships made stronger.  We’ll definitely go back again.   Though we don’t often get together, we talk often via texts and share our lives digitally.  Poopsie is certain that we will again join together for food, wine and lots more fun.

Next week’s post focuses on the next phase of jet setting: San Francisco. Put on your seat belts!  Captain and Poopsie drive into the city, meet up with some other fun friends and enjoy sports, history and fashion!!!

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