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I’m 40.  And with a history of breast cancer in my family, it is necessary that

by Joan Lunden

by Joan Lunden

I get: a mammogram.  October, as you may know, is breast cancer awareness month, and with my annual exam coming up in a couple of weeks the referral to get my first mammogram will surely be placed in my hand and scheduled.

I hate to say it is a right of passage for us ladies.  But, it is nothing to be afraid of right?

It is a preventive measure that could potentially save my life.  My grandmother died of breast cancer in 1990 so my family history suggests that I should be acutely aware of what I need to do.  In addition, I have known several people who have bravely battled breast cancer and are healthy and in remission.  Thanks to early detection and quick logical treatment it doesn’t have to be a death sentence.  But you have to go!

From descriptions I’ve heard, the process can be uncomfortable: imagine placing your lovely lady part in a vice grip and start cranking.  Ewwwww.

In the last couple of years there has been discussion if women really need to obtain a mammogram starting at age 40.  Well, if you go to the American Cancer Society website, you can assess your risk level and get some answers to questions you may have.

In addition, I just found an article that I found interesting about over diagnosis.

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