It Wasn’t THAT bad.

I promised a follow up on my mammogram experience, so, here it is.

I had no trepidation leading up to the day.  It was like any other day.  The place that I went made all of the difference.  The staff greeted me pleasantly and the waiting room was filled with women of all ages and ethnicities.  I filled out my history on an iPad, which was nice.  And then I waited for a few minutes until a gal with my file came directly to me and led me into a changing room and then I waited my turn for the dreaded procedure.

Athena, yes, Athena was my tech.  I felt it was apropos because Athena, as you may know, Athena in unknownGreek Mythology is a warrior.  As the Goddess of wisdom, Athena she personified clarity and reason.  We talked a little about the mechanics of the actual procedure and she told me to forget everything I had heard about mammograms.  She reminded me that people who said it was painful were probably in pain already for whatever reason.  Athena was thorough, professional, and kind.

Because of the way I am shaped, she took three images of each side.  And, it wasn’t that bad.  Would I want to have the procedure done daily?  NO.  But yearly?  Absolutely.  I would rather not develop a life threatening disease.

If any of you out there has a fear of this procedure or experience.  Don’t.  Talk to your providers about it and know that it really isn’t horrible.  It will give you peace of mind that you’re doing something for YOUR health.  You deserve it.

A couple of days after my visit, I received a letter in the mail stating that because of my “dense” breast tissue, it difficult to clearly see what was actually there.  In case you didn’t know, 50% of women of my age have what is considered “dense” breast tissue.  What did they do further?  Three more images of my left breast were taken, by requiring me to turn a crank pressing down until I was sufficiently uncomfortable.  Then, the images were analyzed on site by a radiologist who then wanted to do an ultrasound on the dense area.  The result was that with the additional flattening of the tissue, there was nothing seen that looked suspicious.  My options were the following: a biopsy to be 100% certain or watch it for 6 months.  I opted for the latter.  Surgical procedures are never decisions to make lightly.  I’ll go back in 6 months and repeat the process.


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