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I’m on a quest to reset.  So, I will not ingest added sugar, alcohol, or guzzle soda while standing in front Unknownof the refrigerator.  Wait, I don’t do that anyway.  Starting January 2nd, I am forsaking all forms of sugar through the evening of January 28th when we arrive in Sun Valley, Idaho to ski.  It helps that I’m also doing Barre 3 All In, which is a 4 week reset that started on Monday, January 9th.  Check it out!  There is still time!

And, there is a new cycling studio that opened here in Tucson.  The studio is called (r)evolve.  The classes are being described as a nightclub on a bike.  It is loud, dark, and sweaty.  I’m sure there are similar studios around the country so, do a little research if you want to get your sweat on.

One week in, I’m clearheaded, the bloat is gone and I’m sleeping better than ever.  I hate to admit that between Thanksgiving and New Year’s day, I had been drinking almost every night.  Yikes!  It had become a habit, a ritual.  With social engagements and the general revelry that comes with the season, I was taking full advantage of the excuse to imbibe.  Now that the kiddos are back in school, I have a good block of time to focus on working out, going to the grocery store, meal prep, and of course read!   More on that in another post.

I know that when the day comes, I’ll be all in about having a cocktail, but there is plenty of evidence that suggests that a month off from alcohol can do wonders for your liver and your general well being.  Check out this article from Outside Magazine.

I’m also very well aware that I could benefit from forsaking sugar on a regular basis.  I am not normally a sugar fiend, although I enjoy desserts immensely.  I am going to limit my desserts for the most part so that I can truly enjoy them.

What are you giving up for January?  Or, more importantly, what are you doing to make yourself better in this new year?  Post your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. I’ve been on a reset for 11 days now. It’s a 21 day reset designed by Beachbody. I started doing the Beachbody programs with several of my friends from college about a year ago and I’ve participated in several challenges which involve 21-30 day programs with support through either an app or Facebook. The program I’m doing now is called the Ultimate Reset and it basically weens you from animal proteins and sugar so that in the third and final week you’re eating a plant based diet. I suppose this diet change is meant to provide a cleansing effect on the body. I feel good. I have very few cravings. Most impulses for cravings at this point are really a desire to chew and snack, not for specific foods. I also got in some really bad habits from Thanksgiving through the New Year by making a policy of regular evening cocktails or wine and snacking on all of the delicious offerings of the season. But now I’m in the heart of resetting my body and eating. I have more energy than I did in December and I’m using it to be productive. When my reset ends in 10 days, I’ll be happy to add some meat back to my diet and the occasional cocktail or wine. I hope at some point in my life I learn moderation but I turned 40 in August and chances are my instinct to overindulge is here to stay. That said, I may be resetting again in about 6 months.

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