Water? OR Pee?

In case you walk into a bathroom used by boys and come upon a puddle, a splash, or drop of liquid, ALWAYS ASSUME IT IS PEE.

I walked into the boys’ bathroom and found what Andrew described as water from his water bottle.  He imageswasn’t fooling me, the boy has no control over that thing he was given.  I immediately assumed it was pee and began cleaning up accordingly.  I didn’t see a water bottle anywhere near his room.

There is nothing more disgusting than a bathroom used by little boys.  The Lambda Chi house at The University of New Mexico would have given the boys’ bathroom a run for its money, but these boys have no control over their bodily excretions. I clean their bathroom from top to bottom EVERY OTHER DAY!  It is amazing how much urine can collect on the walls, floor, cabinets and toilet in that short time.

The mirrors constantly look like someone has smeared mayonnaise all over them.

The sink has clumps of toothpaste hardened to the sides.

I am doing my best to keep up with all of it but I do not have enough time in the day to keep watch ba-supplies1over that bathroom.  Maybe I should set up an attendant station in there and charge them a fee like certain bars did I went to in college.  There was always this smartly dressed over made up woman sitting on a stool in the bathrooms with a collection of toiletries available for a nominal fee.  It was always a very uncomfortable situation for me to encounter, and I never used anything that I recall but I always handed that gal a buck because…who wants to sit in a bathroom at a bar working on tips from drunk chicks?

In the process of raising these boys, I truly hope that I can teach them to appreciate a somewhat clean bathroom.  I don’t think they’ll truly understand the merits of a clean bathroom until they have to impress a future partner.  Most of the guys I came across in my single days did not.  I don’t expect it to be perfect just not disgusting.

Do you have any tips, thoughts or stories about teaching your boys the finer details of bathroom cleanliness?  Post in the comments section below!

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