After School Tailgating…

The boys get out of school at 3pm.  But if you don’t get to the parking lot by 2:40, you have toimages park in Canada and walk through fire ant hills, uneven gravel and weeds to get to the front of the school (It’s best to keep hiking boots in your car for these instances).  Most parents sit in their cars heads bowed to their phones.  I propose: a daily tailgate for all caregivers while we wait for the kiddos to be dismissed!

It is pleasant to sit outside with the light breeze and beautiful flowering bushes and trees.  Why not do that with a beer, margarita or glass of rosé?  I’d be happy to make some guacamole and chips to share.  Why don’t you make a batch of brownies (without nuts though because our school is a nut-free zone!) and we can talk about something other than the beautiful weather here in Southern Arizona.  Who’s in?

It’s not going to get crazy or anything.  We’re not talking keg-stands and open flames!  I’m not going to show up with a smoker and throw on some ribs (we are a vegetarian school!).  Let’s just make this waiting game a little more fun.  It is Friday, let’s get this weekend started the right way!  And, as soon as my backyard is finished…we can just move the party to my house!

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