It’s Official…I am Raising Boys…Stinky…Smelly…BOYS!


Don’t be fooled by their adorable smiles. They are stinky boys.

As I was carrying a basket full of dirty clothes out of the boys’ room this morning, I smelled something putrid.  I thought to myself: “Did something crawl in here and die?  Did one of them poop and not tell me?  Is there a rotting potato in the bottom of the basket?”

It turns out, that Andrew’s feet smell like vinegar.

It’s happening.  Our little baby boys are now disgusting, smelly, stinky boys.

I knew it would happen one day…but I thought it would be when they were in middle school.  Andrew is only 4!  He bathes regularly.  I make him put on clean underwear and socks each day.  What is happening to the sweet smelling little feet I once put near my face?

I remember being on a school bus as a cheerleader on our way to a basketball game and thinking, dang these guys stink!  In high school, i knew soccer players who would wear the same unwashed underwear for games all season because it was good luck.

I filled a bucket with cold water and grabbed all of the boys’ socks and threw them in.  I filled the bucket with water and dumped a scoop of Oxygen cleaner in.  If you want the name, let me know.  It’s magical.

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  1. Mary Ajango says:

    I do want the name!

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