Meatless Monday: May’s Amazing Salad

We’re in Ketchum, ID again this summer for a respite from the 110 degree heat in Tucson.  Poor Ryan is in AZ and slowly melting.  I’ve been telling people for years to come here.  It is a hidden gem in the mountains!

Well, FINALLY, my dear friend May and her lovely family rented a house for a week AND brought some amazing friends from Denver. A big shout out to Alex and her hubby Matt!

While living in Santa Fe, May and I bonded during wine infused play dates, on design, all things Housewives and great food.  May is humble about her culinary acumen.  I think she has a great perspective.  Keeping things simple is not my strong suit.  I tend to go overboard on things.  Not surprised are you?

I stole May’s simple salad recipe and use it often.  Rice Vinegar + Maldon Salt + Fresh Cracked Black Pepper + Greens = simple, delicious salad.

While May, her husband Charlie and their two lovely kiddos were visiting we shared some dinners together at the house they rented and once again, she did her thing in a completely simple, amazingly delicious way.  I hope you don’t mind May, but I’m posting this one too.  I love this one because you can EASILY tailor it to the number of people who are going to be eating, translation: great for a potluck or last minute dinner gathering.

May’s Amazing Salad


Arugula –  a handful or two per person. Rinsed and torn if needed

Pine nuts, 1/8 cup per person


Lemons, 1 for every 2-3 people

Grated Parmesan, 1 Tbsp per person


Fresh cracked pepper


  1. Place arugula in salad bowl and Set aside
  2. Heat EVOO and toast pine nuts.  Once lightly toasted remove from heat and add to arugula
  3. Slice lemon and squeeze over greens
  4. Add Parmesan
  5. Season with salt and freshly cracked black pepper
  6. Toss and serve

image 1

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  1. May Wilson says:

    I miss you already! xoxo

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