About Us

Welcome to Around the World to the Left: A SAHM’s Guide to Sanity! What is Around the World to the Left? Let me explain with a little history, but first we would like to introduce ourselves.

Meet Sarah:

a wife, mom, maid, chef, stylist, chauffer, photographer, shrink, dog walker, mind reader, etc. I am none of those things professionally of course, just everything that is included in the every day life of a mom. I have been married to my husband Todd since September of 2007, he is the ultimate funny guy and greatest dad ever to our three kiddos, Abigail (14), Eli (4), and Adam (16months). We just recently added a new puppy to our family, a sweet English Mastiff named Stella.

I am a Midwestern girl living in West Des Moines, IA. I am a foodie, I love to read, drink tea, drink wine, watch non-G rated movies whenever I have the chance, and I am sarcastic almost to a fault. I really wish I was crafty, but once in a while I will find inspiration on Pinterest and attempt something. They rarely never turn out.

Meet Quin:

Political junkie, foodie, mom.

I am an idealistic Midwestern realist living in Tucson, AZ. We moved here from Santa Fe, NM for a more family friendly job here in Southern Arizona.  We are enjoying meeting new people and exploring this really cool city.

I married my wonderful husband Ryan in 2007. We have 2 boys, Chase is 5 and Drew is 2 1/2 . I love being a mom, but I don’t want to lose my relevance in the working world.

I spent 11 years working in politics and government. I am still a political junkie but I look forward to starting the next chapter of my career. I am currently studying for the LSAT and plan to start Law School in the Fall of 2017.

In the meantime I run, hike, garden, and cook. I don’t sew or scrapbook but I wish I did. I love to eat so that’s where i express my creativity. That’s also why I exercise.

I love fashion, read The Economist, and I am entertained by Pop culture.

Who Are WE?

Quin & I met junior year in high school and became fast friends. We used to laugh about our many pet peeves, one of those being that annoying driver in front of you that has their turn signal on and doesn’t turn…ever. Somehow it turned into whenever someone or something would annoy us we would giggle and say “they’re going around the world to the left!” We decided way back then the title of our first book would be just that, “Around the World to the Left.” Fast forward 20 years, Quin & I are both married with children, and commiserating about the charmed lives we each lead as stay-at-home-moms. One day while texting about what we want out of our lives we decided to revisit that old title & start a blog.

A blog about what? About everything that being a SAHM encompasses. Sometimes being a SAHM feels like you are going in circles, or going “Around the World to the Left!” We all know that being a SAHM is hard, yet it’s still the best thing ever. Some days it is the romantic dream I had at my wedding about what my life would be, and well…sometimes it’s not. Sometimes the mind-numbing monotony can be overwhelming, and those satisfying moments that “make it all worth it” are far and few between. Some days I laugh, some days I want to cry. Some days I want to escape, some days I think how did I get so lucky? Some days I ask myself…what’s next? When/if I go back to work, will I still be relevant? What about my gap in job history? How do I stay sharp? Every day I ask myself… what happened to me? Am I still me? I so rarely have the time for myself these days, but I try to remind myself to be true to me and remember the things I love.

What is our purpose?

We want to create a community of women like us. A safe place to know that others understand our mommy guilt, vent our frustrations, confess our mommy secrets & sins, and find sources for education while we do keep our lives running. Support one another. Inspire. Empower. Embrace.

So pour yourself another glass of wine and join us as we navigate our way through the insanity that is motherhood.


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