Captain and Poopsie: Jetsetting Around in Napa, Sonoma, and San Francisco

Captain and Poopsie have been lucky enough to travel during April and May.  And, we are about to embark on our triangle of travel for May and June.  Over the next couple of weeks you’ll get to read about our adventures.  Buckle up!

Sacramento –> Napa –> San Francisco –> Tucson –>Prescott –>Tucson.

Traveling can be exhilarating.  There is excitement in going to a new place.  Though Captain isn’t a pilot

The Vintage Inn, Yountville, CA

The Vintage Inn, Yountville, CA

of a plane, Poopsie was happy enough to let him make the plane reservations to Napa and Sonoma Valley.    It was Captain’s birthday weekend and a chance to reconnect with some friends from residency and to experience the Dry Creek Valley Passport Festival.  A delight in all ways.

Captain and Poopsie arrived on a Thursday and checked out the lay of the land by staying at The Vintage Inn and going to a “off the radar” restaurant recommended by the staff of hotel.  It did not disappoint.  The beautiful grounds of the hotel were filled with water features and roses.  It was just a short walk to Ciccio, which was outstanding!  Along the way, the gardens of the famed “French Laundry” called our names…”Come to us!  We may have small unusual portions of overpriced food, but we make a great story!”  Maybe one day we’ll go to FL, but for now, we’ll enjoy getting our feet wet with the approachable and delicious IMG_0454selections from Ciccio.  You can’t find it on Open Table, but if you get there early enough, you can put your name in, grab a glass of wine, and sit out front while you wait.  It was one of the best meals we had on the trip.  Take advantage of the fact that it is not on the beaten path. It was a delicious meal that kicked off a weekend that was full of laughter, delicious food, and lots of wine.  Bacchus would be proud.


My dear friend Martha…drinking wine on a Friday afternoon? Never!

Friday morning was raining…after a late night dip in the hot tub at Vintage Inn, Captain and Poopsie hit the steamy gym on the grounds and sweated out the remnants of the night before.  We packed up and took our luggage to Hotel Yountville.  We headed up to Calistoga for lunch, which was a recommendation from a friend: Sam’s Social Club.  Our friends James and Martha joined us.  It was delicious!  We then made the trip back down to Yountville to meet two more couples.  This was a fun start to a weekend that we will definitely remember…kind of.

Stay Tuned for the next installments of Captain and Poopsie’s Spring adventure…

image 1-1

Captain and Poopsie Go to Scottsdale

As you know Captain likes to go mountain biking.  Poopsie likes mountain biking too but only because Captain is often

Our standard cuteness

Our standard cuteness

her savior (see Captain and Poopsie Go on a Mountain Bike Ride).  Last weekend, Captain decided to torture himself by riding in a mountain bike race just outside of Scottsdale.  Poopsie had visions of fine dining, luxurious accomodations, and spa treatments while Captain went out to the desert to prove his manhood.  It kind of worked out like that.

Captain and Poopsie had to meet with their insurance agent…no need to bore you with those details.  As Captain and Poopsie were heading toward their hotel, Poopsie kept a watch on the traffic and then noticed that Captain took a wrong turn right before we got to the La Quinta at Shea and the 101.  Instead of staying at a perfectly acceptable modest hotel for our getaway weekend, Captain took Poopsie to The Fairmont Princess!  Poopsie was once again smitten with her knight in shining armor!  Poopsie had been there several years ago for a work conference and knew what she was in for.

My amazing view on the race

My amazing view of the race course

The weekend turned out to be one of the most wonderful Captain and Poopsie have had in a long time!  Dinner in Scottsdale was delightful at The Upton.  Captain and Poopsie dined with friends from residency Evan and Melanie Freedman.  Melanie is a firecracker who runs Udderly Hot Mama.  Her company makes the cutest darn nursing tops you can find on the market.  Poopsie still wears hers regularly!  See my review from a couple of years ago.  Evan is the yin to her yang with a quick wit but a calm way about him.  They are dear to us and we always have a blast together!

Fast forward to 5 am the next morning.  Captain presents Poopsie with coffee (always a knight in shining armor) and they get ready and head out to the race site.  Captain is ready to ride and Poopsie is ready to help out

Captain finishing the race!

Captain finishing the race!

the race organizers in anyway possible.  Poopsie meets a delightful Brazilian lady named Solita whose husband (a Tucson native) is riding in the race.  Wit, one of the race organizers drops each of us at our spots and provides us with bright green reflective vests and big red flags.  Poopsie has been charged with stopping traffic (like that’s hard!  I do that every day!) and waving riders across the road to continue on their trail.  It was a lovely morning.

After the race, Captain and Poopsie headed back to the hotel, ate lunch

ordered several boat drinks and basked in the sun late into the afternoon.  It was

heavenly.  After a quick nap, Captain and Poopsie prepared themselves for a magnificent dinner at Toro at the TPC in Scottsdale.  Check out the rum selection!  Jeff and Amber joined us for drinks and dessert before they headed back to Tucson.  Our dessert was a great ending to a delicious dinner…it was called La Bomba: a chocolate bowl filled with cookie crumbles, 3 types of ice cream, edible flowers and berries.  Our waiter put down what I can only call a “splat mat” on our table and held the bowl high over the table.  He

This is a fraction of the large and delicious selection of rums available at Toro

This is a fraction of the large and delicious selection of rums available at Toro

then dropped it and the whole thing exploded on to the mat.  He then drizzled not one, but three sauces over the explosion (caramel, raspberry and white chocolate).  It was divine!

Captain awoke the next day with breakfast already planned at a neat little cafe called Snooze.  It was a fun place with a full menu of delicious foods and spiked breakfast cocktails…after all the run the night before, Poopsie decided to abstain. I know, its a first!

Big kudos to my Captain!  I love you so much!


Captain and Poopsie Go to Flagstaff

After a short hiatus from their adventures, Captain and Poopsie are back on the jet setting trail. Captain wanted to show his manliness to Poopsie by riding 100 miles on his mountain bike. As you know, Poopsie likes mountain biking but she doesn’t LOVE mountain biking; at least not the way Captain loves mountain biking.

Captain asked Poopsie to be his support team for the race. Poopsie happily obliged and got to work planning her outfits for the race.

Here’s the initial list:

Ride to Flagstaff

Pearls, cotton T, monogrammed sweater, Bermuda shorts espadrilles.


Capri pants, Tory Burch flip-flops, pin-point Oxford, and diamond studs (I know, I know, but we are going to a “bar” for dinner.) we’re going to Flagstaff not Montauk.

Race Day:

Well, that’s where things changed a little bit. The race got canceled. Northern Arizona has had a considerable amount of rain and the trails were just to wet to take a beating from 4,000 riders.

But that didn’t stop Captain and Poopsie from getting away for the weekend! We kept our our hotel reservations and drove up to Flagstaff anyway!

We arrived in the late afternoon, checked into our hotel and got right on the trail for a quick ride to stretch our legs. Poopsie’s legs were spent from her Barre 3 class earlier that morning but the right was right up her alley: winding, green, and with a full suspension bike, lots of fun.

That evening Captain and Poopsie met some friends at a delicious restaurant called: Criollo.  We had a lovely meal with superb cocktails and delicious food. After that Captain and Poopsie snuggled themselves to sleep.

The next morning, Captain went on an early mountain bike ride with a friend while Poopsie woke up at a leisurely pace. Poopsie knew that this was her chance to get some studying done so she found the Campus Coffee Bean ordered cafe au lait and settled in for a stellar 3.5 hours of studying.

After determining that her brain was full, Poopsie picked up Captain and they had a delicious lunch at Flagstaff Brewing Company.  That beer you see there: Bell’s Oberon!!! The burger: pear, bleu cheese and a balsamic glaze.  It was then determined that a nap was in order. Why? Because the boys are safe are with their wonderful sitter 4 hours away!

We had grand plans to hike after our nap but woke up too late.  We made reservations at a fantastic restaurant called  Coppa Cafe.

That is an Italian Brut Rose and a Chamay Dubbel you see.  I wish I had taken more picturesIMG_2129 because this meal was easily top 5 favorite meals EVER!  From the service to the food, Coppa Cafe was outstanding!  Upon leaving the meal with a dewey glow Poopsie was thrilled after another dining experience with Captain.

The next morning Captain loaded the bikes for one last quick ride.  It was a beautiful morning and Captain was helpful as always with constructive tips to ensure Poopsie’s safety.  However, Poopsie got a little too confident and tumbled over her handle bars.  A few bruises never scared her though.  It’s all part of the experience.

After that great ride, we had to hit the road back to reality.  Though it was only a few short days, the experience was delightful and we can’t wait to do it all again.  Though we love our little maniacs, we need our time away to be a couple.


Captain and Poopsie Go to Vegas

CP Vegas Wynn

In front of the Wynn on our last walk

It wasn’t a Fear and Loathing kind of trip.  Captain and Poopsie are beyond that.  It was, however, a trip for Captain and Poopsie to indulge in, well, everything: sleep, cocktails, delicious food, and most importantly: people watching.  Captain and Poopsie find great pleasure and entertainment in observing people in their natural state: indulgence.

[Read more…]

Captain and Poopsie Go on A Mountain Bike Ride

This is the 2nd Annual Post Valentines Day Bliss mountain bike ride.  Captain and Poopsie were lucky enough to

Captain and Poopsie pre-ride

Captain and Poopsie pre-ride

have Captain’s parents in town to watch the kiddos for the morning/early afternoon for a wonderful mountain bike ride in Oro Valley.

Last year, we went on an great ride at the La Tierra trails outside of Santa Fe and then had lunch at Izanami, a wonderful restaurant at the spectacular 10,000 Waves spa.

This year’s ride started out as most do, with Captain gently reorienting Poopsie of the safety tips of mountain biking and giving her a boost of confidence.  Poopsie really does enjoy mountain biking and is so happy to be alone with Captain.  He’s hunky.  Captain delights in engaging in an outdoor activity with Poopsie.  He’s glad she enjoys mountain biking.

Captain and Poopsie have a great ride, exchanging pleasantries with groups of other bikers as they pass.  They see several cows who are admiring Poopsie’s great style as she passes them.

Captain was well ahead of Poopsie when she approached a steep hill. Feeling confident, Poopsie prepared herself to pedal up the rocky challenge but was startle by a flapping, hissing sound.  Looking down, she noticed a piece of cactus in the fork of her bike.  Oh, what a relief!  She carefully pulled it out and commenced her ascent.  The hill was easier than anticipated.

It jumped onto my leg

It jumped onto my leg

And then….OUCH!  WHAT?!?!  THE?!?! F*&K?!?!  Please forgive Poopsie for her profanity!  She didn’t have her pearls on but she’s still a lady.  Poopsie looks down and sees a piece of cactus lodged in her shin!  She attempts to pull it out and the cactus grabs on tighter!  With tears starting to flow, she tries to pedal….PAIN!!!  MOTHERF*$KER!!!  Oh, again, forgive Poopsie but look at what is in her leg!  As she pedals with one foot to try and catch up to Captain, she begins to laugh at the absurdity of the situation.  It’s like the cactus jumped up and bit her!  It was like a Forrest Gump moment when he thought something bit him…something did, a bullet!

Poopsie catches up to Captain and as soon as she sees her hunky

They look beautiful, don't they?

They look beautiful, don’t they?

husband, she begins to sob. The pain is intense.  Captain attempts to pull off the cactus with his bare hands but then unsheathes his giant sword.  He will slay this dragon, um, cactus.  Captain first cuts each cactus spine with his Leatherman tool and then uses pliers to pull out each spine, twelve in all.  The pain dissolves and Poopsie can now smile and laugh at the situation.

“Captain,” says Poopsie, “Can we go eat lunch now?”



I Promised You a Recap of the Greatest Tennis Match Since The “Battle of the Sexes”

And that’s what you’ll get! Well, not really. I am still a novice at tennis but I really enjoy it and it helps fulfill my preppy WASP fantasy.
Ryan who will be known as Captain and I, who will be known as Poopsie, love playing tennis. Captain is a really good tennis player and I am lacking in skill, technique and control. We played every day on our honeymoon once two years ago when we were here in Sun Valley. Now that Chase and Andrew are old enough that we can safely leave them for a couple of hours with a sitter and Ryan’s schedule is a little more reasonable, I am determined to play more tennis. 20140719-105237-39157974.jpg
When I was a kid, I rode my bike to Brown Pool in Pendleton, IN and played tennis alone with a can of balls and my mom’s Wilson racket that was made of wood. It was there that I learned a lot of bad habits that I am proud to say I still have.


Captain taught tennis all through high school and college so he is a drill sergeant when it comes to teaching forehands and backhands. And, he indulges me to an absurd degree. In all of the times that we have played tennis, he has not yet taught me a proper serve. “Poopsie isn’t ready,” he says. It’s true. I am in no way ready to rival the speed and force of Serena Williams.


I flick my wrist. I don’t follow through with my swing and sometimes I don’t set up my swing properly. But, I’m learning! And, I really enjoy the challenge. Captain is an amazing teacher. He is patient and descriptive in his coaching and puts up with my shenanigans.
It will be great when we play regularly. Then I can get monogrammed outfits and drink a Bloody Mary afterwards.


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