I’ll Be Starting School This Fall…

…but not in the capacity you may have expected.  I didn’t get into law school for this Fall.  Now, before you say: “I’m so sorry!” It’s ok.  I’ll be fine…it will happen, eventually.

I did, however, get into a Masters in Legal Studies program at U of A!  It is a 30 credit hour 1 year program, which will hopefully put me on a good path!  Whether that path leads me to a job or law school, that remains to be seen, but, I’m on my way!

Everything I have been through in my life has pushed me to continue to look forward.  It is not in my nature to sit and wallow in self pity, so why start now?  I have a great husband, kiddos, family, and friends.   For those things, I am filled with gratitude.  It is also my ultimate goal to find something that fulfills me professionally and intellectually.  I’m only 40…my life isn’t over.  I don’t think of myself as wanting it all, but I don’t think that seeking professional and intellectual fulfillment is selfish or an abandonment of my responsibilities as a wife and mother.

This new endeavor will require some adjustments to our daily lives and logistical planning, but Ryan is supportive and I know we can handle it.  It will all be worth it when I reach my ultimate goals!

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