Waiting, Purging and Moving

The holidays have come and gone and the new year is well underway.  As usual, there is a lot going on in theIMG_0024 Frieder household.  After taking the LSAT….TWICE…Yes, TWICE, I finished my application and secured a local friend and attorney to write an additional letter of recommendation and place a call to the admissions office.  So, now I’m waiting….waiting…to see if I’m in or not.  If I didn’t have other things to do in the meantime I think I would drink too much but that isn’t possible because I gave up sugar and alcohol for the month of January (not sure why yet).

Ryan did a mountain bike race over the weekend so I took the opportunity to start packing the house because WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!  We close on the 22nd and I want to be ready to MOVE!!!  In order to start packing, I needed to do some long delayed purging.  It is the usual clothing, toys, random missing pieces to who knows what?, and it IMG_0026feels great!  There are things that I have held onto for no other reason but, I just like x,y,or z.  Though I have gone through boxes of things and repacked them, I may have to have another go at them because I have an unnatural attachment to things like all of the Dave Matthews Band calendars since 1998.  Do I need those? No.  Do I need every Rolling Stone magazine that has an article (since 1995) about DMB? No. Do they do anything for me except take up space? No.  Will Dave and the guys be upset if I don’t keep them?  No. So, why do I keep them?  They sit in a trunk in a closet.  But why can’t I let them go? By the way, if someone can give me a good reason to let them go, I will.  Please leave a comment below.

Hopefully, this house will be our forever home for the next 10 years.  Chase has lived in 6 houses since he was IMG_0025born…6 years ago.  I’d like to be able to stay put in this town and really drop some roots.  I’ve been game for the journey for many years but I’d like to start developing some local relationships and friendships that will be long-term.  Andrew is only 3 and this will be his 4th house.  Oy vey.  Though home is where your loved ones are, I’d like that to be in the same house for awhile.


Checking Items off the List

Ryan and Quin on a hike in Tucson

Ryan and Quin on a hike in Tucson

We visited Tucson over the weekend in search of a house.  While we were there, we not only found a potential house to rent (we’re waiting to hear back from the property management group) but we got a taste of what life will be like there for us.

The trip was a much needed getaway for Ryan and me.  Prior to accepting the offer for the job in Tucson, Ryan and I were going to do a ski weekend away.  Once the decision to move was final, the ski weekend turned into a “Let’s find a place to live” weekend.  We decided to drive.  I now understand why the U.S. Government decided to do nuclear testing in SW New Mexico.  There is nothing there.  LITERALLY NOTHING.  Driving down I-25 is no real treat to begin with but once you get through Hatch, NM (green chile Mecca) there is not much to see.  With minimal stopping we made it there in exactly 8 hours.

We arrived just in time to drop off a progress report and pick up paperwork at Chase’s new school.  We then headed up to Oro Valley, where we stayed for the weekend.  We met our friends Jeff and Amber out for a very festive dinner (essentially, we each drank a pitcher of Margaritas) at El Charro Cafe, an old Local chain in elc_headerTucson, which claims to be the inventor of the Chimichanga.  It was a fun night and a great way to start the weekend.

The next morning after coffee and splitting the best croissant I had placed into my mouth in a long time, Ryan and I hiked a trail right by our hotel.  We had the usual discussions for people about to embark on a move: finding a rental, a new gym, Ryan’s fear of scorpions riding rattlesnakes.  Yes, it was a therapy session for Ryan’s irrational fear.  Granted, I understand the fear of the individual elements: scorpions and rattlesnakes.  But the combination of a scorpion riding a rattlesnake was, well, preposterous.  Of course I proceeded to ask logical questions like: do the scorpions ride in saddles and use bridles and reins? Yes, they do most of the time but not always.  Sometimes the scorpions ride bareback.  So we added pest control to our to do list and figured that we would not see any scorpion riding rattlesnakes on our hike because we had seen several other people on the hike and with the vibration of our footsteps, they would most likely stay away from the trail.

After our hike, we enjoyed massages and then started our house search with our dear friend Martha’s mother who is a real estate agent.  She is efficient, smart, and great to work with.  She will definitely get our business when we look for a house to buy.  Of course as luck would have it, we ended up picking the first house we saw. But the journey in total was a good one and I’m glad we saw what was out there.

We went straight from looking at houses to our friends James and Martha’s house where a really fun birthday party was about to begin for their 4 year old son, Benjamin, who is only two months younger than our darling little maniac: Chase.  They also have another little boy who is two weeks younger than Andrew.  We are hoping they will be fast friends.  The birthday party was a great opportunity to meet some of their family members, friends and one of Ryan’s new co-workers and his wife.  Plus, the cake was phenomenal.

Later that night, we went to a new Bourbon bar called Nox.  I drank most of the Bourbon there and it was quite lovely.  The next morning we tried the very delicious brunch at Marriott’s La Paloma.  I realize now that we should have stayed there for the weekend but it was a good lesson to learn.FNL-NOX-01

We got on the road around 1pm and drove north through AZ through the mountains.  It was a longer drive but it was way more beautiful.  We stopped for dinner at a little hotel and restaurant named: El Rancho in Gallup.  Its claim to fame is that a number of classic movie stars stayed there while filming mainly Westerns.  We started seeing very grand billboards for El Rancho as soon as we got on I-40.  I saw Ronald Reagan’s face and smiled.  Then I saw John Wayne’s face and then there were faces that I didn’t recognize but the signs kept getting more and more involved, with neon lights and sparkle that was taking me in.  I think fatigue had officially set in by that time.  At 8pm, we stopped for dinner…it was basically the only thing open.  It was a land forgotten by time and modern decorating.  There was enough kitsch in that place to kill a family of tourists parched by the New Mexico desert.  The food was mediocre at best and would have been tossed out by the scary guy who does Restaurant Impossible.

We got back on the road and started the last leg of the trip.  I decided to drive and listen to Beastie Boys’ Paul’s Boutique, an album that would definitely keep me awake because I listened to it on a loop my junior year of high school.  As we headed North on I-25 fatigue was definitely setting in and when were a mile from our exit, Ryan said:” ah, 599 is just a mile ahead.” I snapped back at him: “I know. I have taken the exit before.”  And of course the exit came and went and I stayed on I-25. “Quin, were you planning on taking that exit?”  Dammit!  I missed the exit.  In my defense, I was exhausted.  I had been driving for almost 6 hours.  I can’t believe I used to drive from Indianapolis to Albuquerque non-stop.  Of course, that was close to 20 years ago.  So, I got off at the next exit and headed for our temporary living space.

When we arrived, we quietly brought in our things and fell asleep to the dry snore of our 4 year old.  It was a good weekend.


Here We Go Again…

We sold our house!  That’s the fabulous news.  And, to a family.  We have friends who know the mom and her kiddos, two boys.  If I have to leave my house here in Santa Fe, at least it will be to a family who will enjoy the house as much as we have.

We close on March 24th.  So, that means we will live with our in-laws for about 2.5 months.    Any of you who know my in-laws know that we get along and that this is a good thing.  The packers come on Thursday and then all of our things will be moved out and put in storage until the end of May when we move into a rental that we do not yet have.  AGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

So that means on Wednesday, Ryan and I will pull items from each room of our house that will be moved over to my in-laws’ house.  Do I really have to pack for 2.5 months?  Activities over the next two months include: house hunting trip in trip to Tucson, Girls’ Weekend, 20 Year Reunion in Indiana, working out, and the changing seasons here in Santa Fe.  Honey, we’re going to need to buy a few more suitcases.

I know, 1st world problems.  At least Ryan has a job, we have sold our house (and getting our initial investment back), we are healthy, and we have generous family members to take in 4 people for 2.5 months.  I realize how lucky we are.

Over the last couple of weeks, in between thoughtful meatless monday meals, I have been creating some interesting pantry/freezer meals.  I have made a dent in the supplies in our pantry but there is still a lot to move.  And, I’ve done a great job consuming the booze that we have.  Who wants Champs at the next play date?

And, I’ve been purging stuff like it is my job.  Do I really need 4 white t-shirts with pit stains?  What if I need to paint a room?  I have 3 rain jackets.  Do I need a red one, black one and a khaki one?  I have shoes that I haven’t worn in several years but they are nice shoes and what if I need them for a costume?  This is my internal struggle.  I think I should just get rid of them.  Thoughts?

My girls here in Santa Fe have asked what I would like to do for my going away party.  (Roller Skating? Bar Crawl? Caffeine free tea and gluten free scones?) This warms my heart and also makes me realize that to a certain extent, we are starting over again in Tucson.  Thank goodness for our friends from residency: James and Martha and Ryan’s freshman year undergrad roommate: Jeff and his girlfriend Amber.  These are friends who have a long history with us and know us well.  We can call on them (and vice-versa) when we need them but they aren’t high maintenance.

I am excited, stressed, and ready for what’s ahead.  I still have projects to finish and loose ends to tie up here in Santa Fe.  It will be a busy couple of months, but we’ll handle it.  We have done this before.  So, for now, my posts will be sporadic.  I will definitely be plugged in but our lives will be a little different until we get settled in Tucson.


Ch-ch-changes! Turn and Face: Tucson,AZ

It is official.  We have signed contracts in hand and the house is on the market.  Ryan has accepted a position in Tucson, AZ!  He starts May 5th and the boys and I will join him the first week of June.  We put the house on the market and the house is the cleanest it has ever been.  I now wear a holster  that holds Clorox wipes, a lint roller, and a large pouch so that I can collect the random LEGO pieces.

The prospect of moving conjures so many emotions and feelings.  On one hand, I’m sad to leave what we have established and all of the friends we have made.  On the other hand, the possibilities of a new adventure and a better work-life balance for Ryan are really exciting.

I visited last weekend.  I was able to stay with a dear friend of mine, Martha and her husband James, their two boys (almost 4 and almost 17 months), and their hilarious English Bulldog: Miles.

We’re not sure where we’ll live yet but there are some distinct areas of town that are interesting and easy to navigate.  I love the fact that U of A is there.  Having graduated from IU, in the very loyal college town of Bloomington, IN, it will be nice to be in a college town again.

I attended a school open house.  This potential school for Chase is perfect and I hope that he is chosen in March when they make their selections for next year.

We’ll have to strike a balance between amenities, location of Ryan’s work, Chase’s school and where we live.  With Santa Fe it was pretty easy to decide where to live.  Tucson, because it is bigger, will be more of a challenge.  Luckily, my friend Martha’s mom is a seasoned real estate agent and she generously gave her time and took us around the city to see houses in many areas of town.  Another challenge we’ll face is: do we want the eclectic charm of an older house in the Sam Hughes district near the UofA? Or, do we want some beautiful city views from the mountain neighborhood of Ventana?  Many of these houses have very family friendly open concept houses.  To add to the mix, there are several neighborhoods in between with mountain views and the convenience of amenities and Ryan’s work.

So, there you have it.  This may explain the spotty nature of my posts.  We are lucky enough to have a wonderful house and a talented real estate agent here in Santa Fe.  So, we have been showing the house a lot.  Though we don’t NEED to sell the house, it will be nice to leave Santa Fe unencumbered.


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