No Sugar…

I’m on a quest to reset.  So, I will not ingest added sugar, alcohol, or guzzle soda while standing in front Unknownof the refrigerator.  Wait, I don’t do that anyway.  Starting January 2nd, I am forsaking all forms of sugar through the evening of January 28th when we arrive in Sun Valley, Idaho to ski.  It helps that I’m also doing Barre 3 All In, which is a 4 week reset that started on Monday, January 9th.  Check it out!  There is still time!

And, there is a new cycling studio that opened here in Tucson.  The studio is called (r)evolve.  The classes are being described as a nightclub on a bike.  It is loud, dark, and sweaty.  I’m sure there are similar studios around the country so, do a little research if you want to get your sweat on.

One week in, I’m clearheaded, the bloat is gone and I’m sleeping better than ever.  I hate to admit that between Thanksgiving and New Year’s day, I had been drinking almost every night.  Yikes!  It had become a habit, a ritual.  With social engagements and the general revelry that comes with the season, I was taking full advantage of the excuse to imbibe.  Now that the kiddos are back in school, I have a good block of time to focus on working out, going to the grocery store, meal prep, and of course read!   More on that in another post.

I know that when the day comes, I’ll be all in about having a cocktail, but there is plenty of evidence that suggests that a month off from alcohol can do wonders for your liver and your general well being.  Check out this article from Outside Magazine.

I’m also very well aware that I could benefit from forsaking sugar on a regular basis.  I am not normally a sugar fiend, although I enjoy desserts immensely.  I am going to limit my desserts for the most part so that I can truly enjoy them.

What are you giving up for January?  Or, more importantly, what are you doing to make yourself better in this new year?  Post your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Do You Read Your Food Labels?

I just read an article from Santa Fe based “Outside Magazine” regarding the opening of a new Trader Joe’s grocery store in Boulder, CO.  The article is titled: “Trader Woes”  and I must say my first reaction was: oh, I should start reading my food labels more often.  I buy organic and local when I can but not always.  I go to Trader Joe’s a lot.  Yes, I buy crackers, cheese (sometimes organic), uncured black forest ham, cultured coconut milk yogurt, and corn dogs from Trader Joe’s.  The boys love them.  Ryan just picked up a box of 250 taquitos at Sam’s Club.  Those don’t have any preservatives do they?

My second reaction was: get out of your crazy mountain bubble!  I realize that Boulder is a very health conscious city and that is why people live there.  But to demonize a store for selling items with preservatives like sodium lauryl sulfate (which apparently controls acidity) is going too far especially for people who live in food deserts like the one I lived in on Capitol Hill.  There was a dismal Safeway on East Maryland Street that my roommates and I went to when we didn’t have the 45 minutes it took to get to the Harris-Teeter or Whole Foods in Virginia and Georgetown.  Plus, it just seems so arrogant to start railing on a well liked company that has good intentions.

I wish we could all eat healthy, nutritious foods.  But what about the kids who go home on the weekends and don’t even have breakfast?  Do you think they give a s*#t that the Pop-Tarts they received in the backpack full of food from the local food pantry have preservatives in them?  NO.  I’m sure if they had parents who were aware and time to cook them a kale-acai-gluten free-vegan breakfast bar they would be much better off.

I have that time and still look for short cuts and easy ways to feed two boys who eat CONSTANTLY!  I enjoy cooking but I would like to do something other than brew Kombucha on my countertop.  By the way, I do plan on brewing my own Kombucha when I ‘m not living with my in laws.

I get what the article is trying to convey: Trader Joe’s is not perfect when it comes to the products it sells.  BUT, it does make an effort, the employees seem happy and holy monkey balls it is better than shopping at some other stores which are one step up from nursing home depressive.  We all do what we can to ensure a safe and healthy food supply for ourselves and the communities in which we live.  What else can we do?  No, really…what more should we do?

What are your thoughts on this?  There is a link to the article above.  Am I OVERREACTING?  I very well could be.


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