GMOs: The Case Against Them

I’m sure you’ve heard the term: GMO: Genetically Modified Organism.  But depending on whom you ask,Unknown it is either Frankenfood or just the norm in the way we eat.

A Pew Research Poll states that 88% of scientists believe that GMOs are safe.  57% of adult Americans feel that GMOs are not safe.

“But most Americans aren’t sold on the idea that scientists have a full understanding of the safety of GM foods. Two-thirds (67%) of U.S. adults believe scientists do not have a clear understanding of the health effects associated with genetically modified crops, compared with 28% who say scientists do have strong knowledge of the issue.”

What are the people against GMOs saying about them and how they affect us?

Last year, President Obama issue a memo asking questions regarding biotechnology and enlisting EPA, FDA, and USDA to “…Develop a long-term strategy to ensure that the system is prepared for the future products of biotechnology, and commission an expert analysis of the future landscape of biotechnology products to support this effort.”

But, what does this mean?  To me, it means, lets have the three major federal agencies work in tandem to determine if what the big food companies and chemical companies are “feeding” us is safe.  It also means that the White House doesn’t want to say one way or another if they think what is going on is safe.  Can’t blame them.

Pesticide Action Network

PAN has a problem with the memo though: “Aided by USDA’s consistent refusal to regulate herbicide-resistant GE seeds, the unchecked expansion of GE crops has driven an increase of hundreds of millions of additional pounds of herbicides. Most of the increase comes in the form of Monsanto’s RoundUp, with an active ingredient (glyphosate) now classified as a probable carcinogen by the World Health Organization. This chemical is now ubiquitous in the air and water of our rural communities.”

They feel that the current framework of the regulatory system doesn’t adequately address problem and that White House doesn’t really want to address the problem.  What is the problem exactly? The problem, it is said, is that biotechnology companies involved in the food chain have already had too much unfettered influence and their genetically engineered products that are dependent on the nasty pesticides are everywhere in our food system.

In addition to the concerns about pesticides and industrial farming, there are people and groups who claim that GMO’s in food might cause allergies, autism and other diseases.  It is claimed that there are environmental effects, human health risks and economic concerns by the increased use of GMO’s in our food chain.

There is a lot to digest in this information.  As I do research and find reputable sources, I will add to this article.  In addition, I will also explore the other side of the issue.  I first saw a piece on GMOs on CBS Sunday morning and wrote a piece on it a couple of months ago.  You can read that here.

If you have any suggestions for documented, tested, and reputable information regarding GMOs, please leave suggestions or links in the comments section below.

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